Memorial’s Research Center
Colleen Schmitt, M.D., MHS, is the Medical Director for Research at Memorial. She heads a dedicated research team to coordinate and actively apply for participation in a greater variety of studies to benefit the community.

Her leadership and expertise in her field were recently recognized with appointment to two national boards. Dr. Schmitt, a board-certified gastroenterologist, has been invited to serve on the Gastroenterology Board of the American Board of Internal Medicine and on the Governing Board of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Current studies in Memorial’s Research Center include a hepatitis C study with patients who are just beginning treatment. Chirag Patel, M.D., is the principal investigator collecting data on response to treatment. Studies on Type 2 diabetes, reflux disease and hospital-acquired pneumonia are underway. 

To discuss research opportunities at Memorial, call (423) 495-2890.

IRB Responsibility and Authority
To assure the protection of human subjects and to comply with federal law, CHI Memorial requires that, prior to initiation, all research projects involving humans as subjects or human material is reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

This policy applies, regardless of the source of funding, to all biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects conducted at this facility. This process is designed to ensure that the research protects the rights and welfare of the human subjects, for example, by minimizing risks, selecting subjects equitably, obtaining informed consent, and ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

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