Nurse Navigator

Nurse Navigator

Trusted guides for the journey

Cancer changes everything. Normal life evaporates, replaced by a strange new world of tests and treatments, logistics and bills, fears and questions. Making your way in this new landscape is challenging for even the strongest individuals. That’s where CHI Memorial’s nurse navigators come in.

Nurse navigators work alongside you to keep you moving toward your goals. Their training encompasses all aspects of the cancer journey, from the clinical to logistical to emotional. 

What’s a nurse navigator?

In short, she is many things:

  • An experienced oncology nurse with specialized clinical expertise.
  • A savvy problem solver who makes things happen.
  • A passionate advocate who ensures your voice is heard.
  • A skilled guide who connects the dots in complex situations.
  • A trusted companion who listens and shares in your experiences.

CHI Memorial’s oncology nurse navigator program is unique in the region. Instead of a few navigators serving all cancer patients, our team consists of six navigators each dedicated to a clinical specialty. This ensures that the support you receive is closely aligned with your individual case.

How can nurse navigators help?

They help you understand your diagnosis and answer clinical questions. Nurse navigators are experienced in your clinical specialty, so they can answer many questions even before you see your doctor.

They expedite your care whenever possible. Nurse navigators work with your doctors’ schedules to ensure prompt appointments and can make sure multiple appointments happen on the same visit.

They coordinate and connect all your caregivers.Nurse navigators help you transition between different doctors and phases of treatment. They make sure your needs are met and your concerns are voiced every step of the way.

They support you and keep you moving forward.Nurse navigators can help you overcome the many potential barriers to getting the best possible treatment. They can help resolve issues ranging from transportation, insurance and financial concerns, to language barriers – as well as the complex mix of emotional concerns and family support needs. 

Above all, a nurse navigator is your champion. As your journey unfolds, your nurse navigator will remain a constant.

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