Lifeline is the original personal emergency response system which provides peace of mind to thousands of older adults and their caregivers. It offers the security of being in touch with someone when immediate help is needed.

Memorial Health Care Lifeline offers the only medical alert service in the area with AutoAlert fall-detection technology, meaning help is on the way if you suffer a fall. AutoAlert pendants contain unique sensors programmed to measure changes in a person’s height and orientation to a horizontal position and the velocity of those changes. When a person goes about their daily routine, such as sitting in a chair or getting out of bed, AutoAlert registers that movement as normal activity. If a person falls and doesn’t get up on their own after 30 seconds, AutoAlert automatically places a call to the Memorial Health Care Lifeline 24/7 Response Center.

AutoAlert has proven to be 97% accurate in fall detection from a standing position and is ideal for seniors who live alone. Patients with a history of stroke, diabetes, seizures and other health conditions that put them at an increased risk of falling benefit from the technology.

Lifeline’s monthly fee for standard service is $37; there is an additional monthly charge of $10 for AutoAlert and a $75 one-time charge for installation.

For more information on Memorial’s Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System, call (423) 495-8774

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