Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

stopping cancer before it starts

You can prevent cancer by making simple lifestyle changes. The easiest change you can make is to get regular screenings, as early detection increases cancer survival rates significantly. Memorial can schedule screenings for skin, head/neck, thoracic, prostate, breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers.  Another easy step is to learn about cancer risk factors. Memorial’s Mobile Health Coach brings cancer screening and information to locations throughout our area. In addition, the Centers for Cancer Support has a wealth of information and support resources related to stopping cancer before it starts.  

Cancer Risk Factors

Your risk of cancer increases through:

  • Habitual tobacco use, now or in the past
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Increased weight gain
  • Diets high in saturated fats and processed foods and low in fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Age—many cancers are more likely to occur in older individuals
  • Family history—many cancers, like breast cancer, have a genetic link.

Prevent Cancer

Five things you can do now to help prevent cancer. The most important cancer risk factors that can be changed are tobacco use, body weight, diet, and physical activity.  Below are five steps you can take now to help prevent cancer.

  1. Stop or don’t start smoking—Long-term tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer.
  2. Be active—Physical activity lowers cancer risk. Increase your activity levels by adding a brisk walk to your daily routine. Physical activity also helps your immune and digestive system start healthy.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight—Keeping a healthy weight is an important part of reducing your risk of cancer. Start by shifting your diet toward fresh vegetables and fruits and away from sugars, saturated fats and processed foods.  
  4. Know your genetic risks—If a family member has had cancer, you are at increased risk. Knowing this allows you to take steps know.
  5. Participate in regular cancer screenings—Routing screenings save thousands of lives every year by catching cancer and starting treatment early.  

For more information on cancer prevention, call the Centers for Cancer Support at (423) 495-7778.

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