Rees Skillern Cancer Institute

Rees Skillern Cancer Institute

Unrivaled cancer care. Built around you.

Exceptional care has the power to lift the weight of cancer. The Rees Skillern Cancer Institute at Memorial sets the standard for cancer care in the Chattanooga region by blending clinical expertise with a deeply personalized approach to care. As a patient here, you will work with one of our seven centers of excellence. Each brings a specialized focus and advanced technology in support of you and your individual needs. In short, we not only care for you - we care about you.   

One Team. Helping One Patient.  

From your very first visit, we begin building your dedicated care team. Cancer’s complexity demands far-reaching expertise, and our physicians, nurses, and support staff work seamlessly together to treat your cancer and support you throughout the journey. At the heart of this approach are Memorial's multidisciplinary tumor conferences, in which doctors from different specialties meet to discuss cases, share perspectives and work together to develop the best possible treatments. A dedicated Nurse Navigator acts as your advocate, ensuring that your voice is heard throughout the process. The result is a truly integrated care team focused equally on your body, mind and spirit.  

Advancing Treatment Through Technology.

Modern cancer treatment is rapidly evolving and Memorial leads the way in advanced technologies including True Beam STX, Novalis TX and the da Vinci® robot. Our doctors use these machines to treat tumors with unprecedented power and accuracy. Intensity-modulated radio therapy (IMRT) allows doctors to adjust radiation dosages sent to different parts of the tumor. With image-guided radio therapy (IGRT), doctors use an advanced imaging system to precisely locate and treat tumors with each dose. For patients, this means shorter treatment sessions, reduced side effects and faster recovery times.

Excellence Delivered.

Memorial’s commitment to patients is reflected in its seven Centers of Excellence. Each of our oncology programs has earned this designation by voluntarily undergoing stringent examinations to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care. Physicians and clinicians routinely seek additional training to remain at the forefront of their fields. Treatment plans are monitored and clinical procedures are carefully tracked for effectiveness.

Treating Cancer. Healing People. 

Despite the many obstacles that cancer presents, many patients find strength through Memorial's Joe and Virginia Schmissrauter Centers for Cancer Support. From classes and support groups, to pastoral care, nutrition counseling and information on financial matters, patients and loved ones can find the connections that are vital to navigating the challenges of living with cancer.


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